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The Music is Dead

The original members of the band Showbread reunite for the 10 year anniversary of their label debut, No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical. Unearth the origin of the album in candid interviews and discover the story that developed into the madness that is Showbread.

Cancer: the movie

Shipwrecked in the primordial soup, a race of inter-dimensional beings have governed the empires of the world from the outset of civilization. Within the most notorious of these empires—the global superpower known as the United States of America—a young punk rock band picks a fight.

In 2012, the band Showbread released the science fiction rock opera, Cancer. Funded by fans, the album was set to precede an accompanying film. After years of trials, disaster, financial depletion, and personnel turnover, that film is finally complete.

Cancer: A film by Showbread, is a surreal, experimental rock opera that acts as a visual companion piece to the concept record from which it was inspired.